Billy Bert Young explores the possibilities of rendering architectural and figural motifs. He repeats icons and shapes across packed vistas, a consequence of the influence of artists such as Marc Bell and Kim Moodie, and from his own compulsive horror vacui. He admits to providing the viewer no visual resting point, but instead offers hours of exploration, following the intricately-plotted, interconnected tubes, ribbons and piping.

Young develops his symbolism through regular drawing in sketchbooks. He plans out sections of each composition in advance, and to keep penmanship and content fresh, often works on two or more pieces at one time.

Recently Young has noted that while his emblems are generalized for reiteration across several works, they hold their own personal meanings for him. He includes this information for his own ends, yet produces something that can be taken as a more dispassionate investigation of abstraction - or anything the viewer chooses.

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